Updating the original 1971 Kitchen…phase 1

We wanted to live in the house for a bit to see if the kitchen layout works for us, and decide whether or not this is the footprint for us… do we like the layout, peninsula vs. island, how does the space work, and how do we work in the space. Many of our family and friends wondered why we had to redo our kitchen, because at first glance it looks completely operational; however, we had to make some immediate changes, it just won’t work for us. It is nearly all original to the home when it was built in the 70’s. Some changes have been made, but just cosmetic. Paint, tile, countertop, dishwasher and refrigerator. Let’s talk about the oven! First and foremost, a regular size cookie sheet doesn’t fit inside this, it is original to the home, from 1971! It’s adorable, and a vintage gem, it still works perfectly, but I am a home baker, and I need an oven for all of my cakes and cookies. So we set out to just change out the oven. Well folks it isn’t that simple! The cabinet which houses the old oven, isn’t large enough for any modern wall oven….that a cookie sheet can fit in. Step one…replace the cabinets! Because an entire kitchen remod is not in the budget, just for now, we will replace the oven wall cabinets. Or so we thought!

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