DIY Ikea Cabinets and Appliance Shopping

Just after buying the new house, my husband and I set out for a new oven, then discovered that would also require a new cabinet. After much dismay on the cost of wall cabinets, we found that Ikea had reasonably priced cabinets that we could DIY. Then we discovered the cooktop needed to be replaced as well, not all burners worked, and tripped the breaker. We also realized the french door fridge wasn’t wide enough for normal cake plate. So 1 appliance turned into 3…well 4, we also needed a microwave.

We decided to find the cabinets first, then the appliances that would fit in them. We were quickly shocked at the prices, and realized we would need to DIY, set out to bargain outlets, second hand stores etc. We finally decided on Ikea! We could both agree on a style there, and it fit into our budget. This took us weeks! Then on to researching what ovens we could fit into these cabinets.

My husband is a tech geek, and as soon as we started looking at appliances, he was just drooling over the Samsung Smart refrigerators. Luckily it was a time that sales and rebates were available at our local appliance store, Percy’s, We chose a cooktop, a double oven that I had dreams about, a micro, and to my dismay a smart fridge. We bickered and bartered! It was not what we set out to spend, so we went over the projects, and made concessions, and gave on some things I wanted, and some he wanted, and there we were the proud owners of a giant tablet on a shiny new refrigerator. ( insert eye roll). I now am more obsessed with this appliance than he is, but that is a story for another day 😉

We set up our delivery date, and it was time to get busy buying and building our cabinets. Sounds easy right? Nope!

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